WE SEE many articles and comments about shared walking and cycling spaces in the Echo.

I also recognise that it is very difficult to reach any consensus on the issues particularly in busy spots such as Whitecliff, Hengistbury Head and the Promenade.

However as a cyclist and keen walker I believe one solution might help lift the antagonism that exists.

I believe it would benefit all users if dog walkers were asked to keep their pets on a short lead when using shared spaces.

Unlike cyclists if they wish for more freedom they can take their animals onto areas where it is not designated as ‘ shared’.

More often than not these exists surrounding the shared paths.

It seems only in the last few years that dogs have appeared in large numbers off the lead or on long leads. These can be an obstruction to both walkers and cyclists who have to avoid random movements of people’s pets that are not under full control.

It’s very little to ask and possibly might lead to owners taking greater responsibility for their charges and risking fewer injuries to their pets.

Perhaps BCP can consider this as a reasonable approach across the local areas where space is used by an increasing number of people.


De Lisle Road, Bournemouth