WHEN I read the article in the Echo that the BCP Council were due to consider a motion that the use of male universals (whatever that is ) and reference to peoples sex or gender should be scrapped I was reminded of the classic episode of Only Fools and Horses when Raquel had given birth and Rodney (Dave ) asked Del Boy what it was and Del replied ‘a baby’.

I can only imagine that if Councillor L J Evans had been watching she would not have seen the funny side and remained straight faced.

Why is it that local councillors can waste so much time debating this type of garbage rather than dealing with issues that are of much more importance, rather than worrying if it is being handled by a Miss-Mister-Mrs or any other variation of gender identity.

Only in the public sector can this be considered important enough to take up time.

In support of promoting this motion the councillor says that the use of masculine or feminine terms was unnecessary and reinforced historic gender stereotypes.

Her support act Councillor Lisa Lewis seems to be singing from the same sheet and her contribution says that gender-neutral writing is about clarity, inclusion, equality and would help to prevent unconscious bias.

Make of that what you will but to me it sounds like total PC twaddle.

I leave myself open to being out of touch with current ideology and having read this Echo report am pleased to say how glad I am not to be able to support any of it.


Catalina Drive, Poole