HELP us find a forever home for these adorable pets.

The RSPCA have launched their covid-safe rehoming scheme in response to the global pandemic and the increase in demand for pets. 

The animal welfare charity has 14 national animal centres across England and Wales - while many of its independent branches also have rehoming facilities switching to a remote process during lockdown.

Animals in the care of the animal welfare charity are often escaping cruelty or neglect - but can continue to find a second chance of forever home happiness during the current lockdown, with the charity utilising a Covid-secure, remote rehoming process.

RSPCA chief executive Chris Sherwood said: "We are delighted that we will continue to be able to find new homes for animals via a safe and Covid-secure remote process.

“Prospective adopters can meet our knowledgeable and friendly centre staff via video call, and discuss whether adding a rescue pet to their household could be the right long-term decision. 

“We know lockdown life is not forever, so it's so important people consider whether they are able to meet the needs of pets for the long term.” 

In line with government restrictions, to take advantage of the doorstep delivery scheme you must live within an hour's driving distance of your potential pet.

Here are some of the gorgeous pets in need of their forever home within an hour of Bournemouth:


Bournemouth Echo:

Loving Seamus is a sweet, quiet and loving boy looking for his calm forever home. 

Approximately 10-years-old Seamus is young at heart and has been used to living in a female only household, he can be fearful and worried by some men. 

His new adopters must be happy to allow Seamus to join them on the couch as he loves being made a fuss of with lots of attention.

Available with the RSPCA in Ashley Heath, Ringwood, Seamus is looking for a semi-rural home with a large garden. 

To find out more visit the website.

Covi and Kiara 

Bournemouth Echo:

Available from the RSPCA in Fareham, Covi and Kiara are little sweeties who have been working hard to build their confidence. 

Kiara has grown in confidence so much and now comes running to see you, wanting her head rubbed, Covi still needs to learn to trust people but the RSPCA are sure it wont take long.

Ideally their home will have plenty of grassy outdoor space for them to run around in and they are happy to be held by teenagers. 

To find out more visit the website. 

Brussel and Sprout

Bournemouth Echo:

Another duo, these stunning teal parakeets are being rehomed together making double the fun. 

They arrived at the centre in November very nervous and it was clear that they hadn't had much handling or socialisation.

Slowly gaining their confidence the RSPCA are sure that once they are settled in their new home their confidence will continue to grow and they will make lovely companions.

Their ideal new home will be in a large aviary either indoors or outdoors.

Available from the RSPCA in Ringwood, visit the website to find out more


Bournemouth Echo:

Lovely Duggee is a three-year-old tricoloured guinea pig looking for a female companion. 

This sweet little boy will need time to settle into his new home and his confidence is currently being built in terms of handling. 

He will need a hutch no smaller than 4ft 2ft inside or out and to have an outside run that is 5ft 3ft  with a lid.

The adoption fee is £20, find out more online.

Cluck Norris

Bournemouth Echo:

Cluck Norris is a very impressive large Cockerel who was brought to the RSPCA as a stray.

He is a typical Cockerel who does crow and becomes territorial, however given plenty of space he is happy to do his own thing.

He is looking to be rehomed with an existing flock of similar sized ladies where he will be able to roam, forage and scratch about.

He will need a chicken coop and a large enclosed area approx 12ftx 6ft or larger.

If you're interested and want to find out more visit the website.