These lockdown pets are keeping us amused in lockdown,

Here we feature five more of your fabulous four legged friends.

These dashing dogs and cuddly cats appear to be enjoying life at home in Dorset and taking lockdown in their stride!

Playful cat Ski in Pokesdown " loves to chase her laser, string and her favourite scrunch ball. Like a dog she even loves to play fetch with a stick!"

During lockdown her owners went on " an Amazon binge" and say " Ski obviously loved it too because it meant that she got all of the boxes to play with. We had so many boxes we ended up spending the day making Ski her own house!"

Pablo a pooch from Poole is “just like a human" say his owner Lisa Moore.

"He loves sunbathing, lots of cuddles and posing for the camera!” 

Another Pablo - but this time a cat, belongs to Sarah Humphries in Bournemouth who told us: “Our cat isn’t normal. He loves his veg and turns his nose up at Dreamies. Everything is on his terms. We adopted him from Cats Protection in June 2020 and have fallen in love with his quirkiness and cat charm."

Lucy Bright in Bournemouth says her dog Jet loves to “protect and make us happy whilst our business is closed and keeps us sane!”

And Max in Bournemouth loves “Lazing about after his walks – and needs a hair cut after lockdown too,” says his owner Brenda Fry.

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