A TEACHER at a school in Highcliffe has been recognised for her dedication to her students during the lockdown who has won an award at University of Bath Teachers' Awards.

Sam, Chapman, a science teacher at Highcliffe School has won the ‘Lockdown Lifeline Award’ having been nominated by one of her students, Lucy, for her support during lockdown.

Bath University’s awards recognise and celebrate teachers who have gone above and beyond to support students, guiding them on their path to university, offering pastoral care to support their well-being and nurturing their talents.

Sixth Form students, Lucy said: “She uses her own passion for chemistry to instil insatiable excitement and curiosity within all her students.

“Mrs Chapman encourages us to question our knowledge, subtly shepherding us towards the appropriate conclusions has helped every member of my class mature academically; it has also made the transition to undergraduate study seem less daunting.

“Mrs Chapman went above and beyond to ensure every member of my yr12 A Level chemistry class was supported during the lockdown period… her innovative and determined attitude during lockdown ensured we are on top of all A Level content.”

Sam Chapman received her award on Monday March 1, much to the delight of her students and her colleagues at the school.

On receiving the award, she said: “When I was studying my A levels I had the most inspirational teacher and I am honoured that some students think that of me now.

“Lucy is one of the most hardworking and dedicated students I have had the pleasure of teaching and I am thankful that took the time to nominate me for a teachers award through Bath University.

“All teachers I know have worked extremely hard throughout this past year to ensure students are academically and emotionally supported and ready to return to schools.

“Thank you to the wonderful team I work with, who welcomed me with open arms and allow my passion for Chemistry to shine through.”

Headteacher, Patrick Earnshaw added: “I’m lucky to lead a team of incredibly strong teaching staff and Sam’s passion and skills are typical of teachers at Highcliffe School and Sixth Form, where our vision is that education has the power to change lives.

“I’m delighted on Sam’s behalf that one of her A-level students took the opportunity to nominate her for this award and Lucy’s comments show exactly why Sam is such a brilliant teacher in our Sixth Form and main school.

“Congratulations Sam and thank you Lucy!”