E-SCOOTERS will be banned from the promenade in Bournemouth and Poole during peak times in July and August.

Scooters will not be able to be used between 10am and 6pm in July and August, mirroring the regulations for bicycles.

BCP Council has stressed that only e-scooters available through the Beryl rental scheme can currently be used on public roads, pathways and promenades in the area.

Earlier this week beach huts users called for e-scooters to be banned claiming they are a danger to the public.

A BCP Council spokesperson said: "We have received very few complaints about incidents or misuse of the Beryl e-scooters in the BCP Council trial, despite the fact that they have proved to be very popular.

"All privately owned e-scooters are illegal for use on any public roads and cycle paths, including the promenade. They can currently only be used on private land. Enforcement of the rules for private e-scooters is a matter for the police and anyone wishing to report their use should call 111 in the first instance."

Any misuse of a Beryl e-scooter can be reported to the Beryl control room at support@beryl.cc or by calling 020 3003 5044 with the details of the incident. All e-scooters are GPS tracked so if an accurate date, time and location are provided the user can be contacted and warnings given as appropriate.

The e-Scooter trial in Bournemouth and Poole is one of over 25 Department for Transport organised trials running across the country. Feedback from all of the trials will assist the government in determining national policy for e-scooters in the future.