We are nearly there.

Technology will soon offer people the chance of becoming immortal.

I know that I personally would be open to the possibility of extending my life indefinitely.

Quite a number of people say they would not wish to live forever and that it is fighting nature.

But I say that to live without the prospect of death would be a relief for me.

I have never been one to think that death is the end of everything because there is always something in existence.

And the chance of immortality brings hope, positivity and optimism in what is otherwise a decidedly dreary and gloomy world.

The snag is that this new technology is expensive and means that only the rich could afford to use it.

However I am sure that as time passes, it would gradually become more affordable.

Already there is an evolving technology called nanotechnology which involves the shrinking of materials and devices down to the size of an atom or molecule.

Essentially this opens the door to people living a disease-free, suffering-free life.

So I think anything which we can use which will dramatically improve our experience of life can only be a good thing. Bring it on.

Robin Edmonds