IF YOU missed the Dorset special of For The Love of Britain last night then fear not as we have rounded up the best bits. 

The celebrity travelogue focused on Dorset and followed some of the biggest names in television as they explored our marvellous county. 

Stars on the hit ITV show included Sheila Hancock who explored Dancing Ledge, Ben Fogle flew over the Jurassic Coast, Martin Kemp who visited Mudeford and Liz Bonnin who went to Portland Bill. 

Narrated by Dame Julie Walters, the show started by detailing all of the wonderful parts of our small but "alluring" county. 

The first adventure the viewer is taken on is to historic Dorset Gliding Club just outside of Wareham.

Bournemouth Echo:

Ben Fogle took to the skies as he flew 3,000 feet about the county.

Ben Fogle flew with veteran 84-year-old pilot Bill Cook, in a glider 3,000ft above Dorset.

The cheeky pilot tested Fogle's metal when he pulled off an impressive nose-dive stunt before elevating back to the skies. 

They flew over Tyneham, Poole and could even see Weymouth off in the bay. 

When back on solid ground an overjoyed Fogle said: "Wow! That was amazing."

The travelogue's next stop was in Langton Matravers with Sheila Hancock as she reminisced on her first visit to the Jurassic Coast nearly 80 years ago.

She retold the tale of being evacuated to Somerset during WWII, after being carted off on a train she recalled that was when she first saw her father cry. 

At first she found the county side unsettling and upsetting but after a trip to the Dancing Ledge she revealed how her relationship with the country was forever changed.

Bournemouth Echo:

Sheila Hancock returned to Dancing ledge - image ITV

One of Sheila Hancock’s happiest memories, she said, was as a nine-year-old, floating naked with her best friend at Dancing Ledge.

She said: "I held my best friend's hand and we looked up to the sky which was full of stars rather than people trying to kill us, like it would've been in London, it was quite wonderful.

"I think I've spent the rest of my life trying to recapture that moment."

Liz Bonnin travelled to Portland Bill Observatory to welcome some incredible migrating birds.

Volunteer Peter Morgan walked Bonnin through the methods of collating information on the birds that fly through Portland. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Liz Bonnin and Peter Morgan - ITV

After a quick cuppa the pair saw Morgan's favourite bird, a willow warbler - which he described as "the first sign of spring".

Bonnin was "blown away" by the birds and how something so small can fly such a long way to reach our shores. 

Last we saw Martin Kemp who was visiting the Mudeford, famous for crab fishing and smugglers. 

Kemp’s parents lived in Dorset for many years so the Spandau Ballet singer spent many happy summers in Sandbanks.

Bournemouth Echo:

His trip to Mudeford reminded him of many happy times - image ITV

Once he had children of his own he recalled how they would come to Mudeford's wall for a spot of crabbing. 

This time however, Kemp swapped a kids fishing line for a trip out with sustainable fishermen Jim Jones and Martin Hawkes.

The group went looking for lobster and crab, luckily they didn't go home empty handed.

Kemp described Mudeford as "possibly one of the prettiest places in the whole world".

After losing both of his parents a couple of years ago the emotional visit to Mudeford brought back many happy memories. 

If you missed For The Love of Britain last night, you can still watch it on ITV Hub.