A student from St Edward’s school in Poole has secured one of just twenty-five places at the worldwide Young Leaders Digital Summit 2021 run by Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and Kings College London.

 The Young Leaders Digital Summit brings together ambitious young minds to work together on meaningful projects for social impact. 

Year 12 student Abigail Taylor, who has a passion for politics, beat applicants from all over the world with her 400-word essay focused on what she believed would be the pressing long-term and short-term social issues that will arise from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Abigail told the Bournemouth Echo: “I am incredibly excited and humbled to be a part of such a prestigious event for young people. I truly believe change starts with us. Individual choices turn into group changes which turn into movements which turn into revolutions! I am so excited to be surrounded by like-minded young people and hear from some absolutely incredible people.”

Abigail added: “My teachers have been amazing. They have such a deep belief in all of us, and they have certainly given me the courage and skills to apply for this opportunity!” 

 A spokesperson from Young Leaders Digital said: “Our committee was impressed with her application, particularly her essay on the pandemic’s effect on education access, social mobility, and mental wellness.”  

Proud Headteacher Mr Antram also commented:"We were delighted when Abigail chose to join St Edward's sixth form and this achievement shows how she has gone from strength to strength. We will be watching her next steps with great interest and I'm convinced she has an amazing future ahead of her."

The Young Leaders Summit have change-makers joining from around the world including Mexico, Colombia, Croatia, France, Germany, Australia and the UK.  Young Leaders Digital hopes to provide UK and international students opportunities to make global connections and global impact.  

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