HAVING got to the point where we are starting to win the war against the Covid virus, senior politicians and civil servants have been warning us, quite rightly, not to ease up now.

Remember how a significant minority simply ignored good behaviour guidelines last year when the sun came out, well this weekend – the first real sun of 2021, and Boris having outlined the roadmap out of restrictions – has inspired that same significant minority to come out and ignore the rules again. Too many people seem to think the hard miles have now been done and they can start to behave how they like.

I’m not imagining this. I exercise on my bicycle daily; this weekend from Southbourne to Sandbanks the hordes were out in greater numbers than I have experienced since last summer – the additional traffic is particularly noticeable on a bike, and I’ll bet a pound to a penny that the Department for Transport road traffic statistics will bear this out when they are published for the weekend just gone.

It is quite obvious, even to a lay person, that many of the groups out enjoying the sunshine are not from the same household, are not exercising with one other person and many are not from the local area. So, yet again the law-abiding, civic-minded majority are being undermined and put at risk by a selfish minority.

Why aren’t the police and other relevant authorities visibly taking action against this illegal behaviour please?