JOIN the Daily Echo on a trip back to the 1980s with the help of pictures showing Bournemouth as it was compared to now.

Although many things have changed in the past 30-40 years since these photographs were taken, much has remained the same.

Most of the businesses have been and gone yet the majority of the buildings have stayed the same.


Wimborne Road

This old picture shows Wimborne in 1982.

The old Woolworths store can be seen on the left of the image, as can Tesco.

Both shops have changed over the years with Woolworths now occupied by Poundland and Tesco becoming Lidl.


Southbourne Grove

A snapshot of Southbourne Grove in the 1980s is captured in this old image.

On the right of the image is a Woolworths, Dewhurst the butchers and Wilkins the bakery.

Woolworths has since become Ludo Lounge, Dewhurst is now the Treasure House haberdashery and Wilkins has made way for Taylor Made estate agents.


Old Christchurch Road

This picture of Old Christchurch Road from 1986 looks much the same as it does today.

But the businesses in the area have changed  - Long's bar is no longer there and the Dalkeith Arcade is now known as Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre.


Glen Fern Road

Glen Fern Road was home to one of the most popular Bournemouth nightspots in the 1970s and part of the 1980s.

This picture - taken in 1981 - captured Maison Royale two years before its doors shut for the last time.

The site is now occupied by the Outlook launderettes.


Bournemouth Square

This view of Debenhams in Bournemouth Square hasn't changed much since it was taken in 1989.

Debenhams had occupied the building for 17 years when this image was taken, and 32 years later it is still there.

Sadly, it was announced last month that Debenhams will be closing all their branches including the one in Bournemouth Square.


Pier Approach

In the old image, Bournemouth Approach Swimming Baths in 1982 can be seen.

The baths were shut just a couple of years after the picture was taken.

The Waterfront leisure complex was opened on the site in 1999 but was torn down in 2013.

The area is now home to an adventure golf course.