MOREBUS has announced it will increase daytime bus services in Dorset from next month.

The move follows the Government’s announcement that schools will reopen on Monday March 8.

From that date, passengers across the region will benefit from more frequent buses across a number of Morebus routes, whilst most school buses services will return as normal.

Morebus managing director, Andrew Wickham said: “Since the beginning of the first lockdown, we have been providing essential travel for those who have relied on us in order to be able to carry out their vital roles. And now, pupils are returning to school.

“We are anticipating a rise in demand and are adjusting our timetables accordingly.

“As has been the case since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have a number of measures in place to make sure all our drivers and customers are safe on-board our buses.

“These include stringent cleaning regimes - sanitising our vehicles throughout with anti-viral wipes - and social distancing.”

The number 4 bus from Poole at 7.35am will not travel to Allenbourn School from March 8, and the 3.15pm bus from Wimborne will no longer run via Allenbourn - and will therefore run earlier through to Poole, following a school holiday timetable.

Pupils attending Allenbourn Middle School should instead use school bus 714, which will be reinstated from this date.

Students using the X8 bus to get to Blandford School are also advised to use the school bus 708 as the existing 7.50am bus from Poole will no longer run via the secondary school.

Changes to the timetable on the X12 routes will mean that the 3.18pm bus from Blandford will run at 3.48pm, whilst the 3.10pm bus from Weymouth will run at 3.25pm.

Both will follow school holiday times.

Extra buses will be added to the m1, m2, 5 and 6 bus routes for peak times from Monday to Friday, and an extra bus on number 9 route from Upton to Poole will run on weekdays at 7.25am.

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