One in five motorists admit to risking a £5,000 fine by having sex whilst driving, according to the latest study. 

Frisky Brits could be at risk of a £5,000 fine or even a prison sentence for having sex behind the wheel of a moving car. 

One in five have admitted to performing or receiving a sexual act whilst on the road. 

A new survey of 1,000 people by Number1Plates revealed what people in the UK get up to behind car doors.

The study revealed that 61 per cent confessed to having had sex in their car whilst one in five admitted attempting to navigate the roads while having sex.

There is no specific UK law against having sex inside a vehicle but drivers could break a series of rules for doing so. Drivers could be fined for careless driving if they are caught performing sex acts in a vehicle as this would be considered a distraction.

This could see road users issued a £100 fixed penalty notice and up to three points on their driving licence.

However, if the police consider that a driver may have put other road users at risk, fines could rise to £5,000 and nine penalty points.

Some motorists could even be prosecuted for public decency or exposure if they park their vehicle in a popular public space.

However, there are no laws in place for road users who commit an act inside their vehicles away from the public.

Aldan Ibbetson, a motoring expert at Number1Plates, said: "Technically, it’s not illegal to have sex in your car. The criminal activity is due to potential driver distraction and the serious danger this poses.

"With the risks so high, it’s a shock how many will chance it for a quickie behind the wheel." 

If you cause an accident while having sex behind the wheel - you could also be in for an even more serious driving charge or death by careless driving charge.

These motoring offence convictions could see you with a prison sentence for up to five years, and a long driving disqualification.