Dorset has seen the last snowfall of winter and we can now expect temperatures rivalling that of Venice as we head into March.

No more snow has been forecast for Dorset according to the latest Met Office weather reports. 

As we jump into spring over the next few weeks we can expect to see slightly higher than average temperatures, similar to those seen in Venice. 

Mercury is expected to rise to the early teens over the next week with highs of 12C in Bournemouth

The weather in Venice throughout the week is expected to be in the low teens with scattered clouds and sunny intervals, similar to that in Dorset. 

As we progress into March we can expect dry weather with temperatures soaring in the mid teens.

Bournemouth-based forecaster DorsetSnow said: "High pressure will be centred across the United Kingdom for the next two weeks, so plenty of dry and sunny weather is to be expected, but with some chilly nights as well.

"Temperatures are expected to be just above average, but with days getting longer and the sun becoming stronger, temperatures could be nudged into the teens during the middle of next week."

Fellow forecaster Bournemouth & Poole Weather said: "Maybe after next week's relative warmth a generally chilly March however I wouldn't expect it to be overly wet.

"Then spells of increasing warmth through April and May with temps getting into 20s in April and mid 20s at times in May but between those spells of warmth expect short sharp bursts of colder weather reminding us that winter isn't too far behind us."

Looking into the middle of March it is likely that these warmer temperatures will drop slightly to reveal a colder spell however no more snow is on the horizon.

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This week's weather forecast: 

Bournemouth Echo:

Sunny Bournemouth Pier - Image - Robbie Milne


23/2: Highs of 11C lows of 10C mostly cloudy. 

24/2: Highs of 12C mostly cloudy in the morning changing to sunny intervals by lunchtime. 

25/2: Highs of 11C cloudy changing to clear by nighttime.

26/2: High of 10C on Friday with a clear and sunny sky. The sun will rise before 7am for the first time this year.

27/2: Highs of 11C another fine clear day, the sun will set on Saturday at 5.45pm.

28/2: Again another bright and sunny day with highs of 11C ending the weekend.


23/2: Highs of 11C lows of 9C mostly cloudy  through the afternoon. 

24/2: Highs of 11C cloud can be expected throughout the day with some glimpses of sun.

25/2: Highs of 10C with heavy cloud which will clear by nighttime.

26/2: The weekend is looking sunny and clear with highs of 10C on Friday.

27/2: Settled weather on Saturday sees highs of 10C and the sun will rise before 7am.

28/2: The weekend will finish on a bright note with highs of 10C and the sun will set at 5.45pm.


23/2: Highs of 12C mostly cloudy throughout the afternoon.

24/2: Clouds will lift by lunchtime to reveal sunny spells and highs of 13C.

25/2: It is expected to be cloudy on Thursday with highs of 11C the sky will become clearer by nighttime. 

26/2: Again the weekend is expected to be sunny with temperatures of 11C across the weekend in Poole.

27/2: A clear and bright Saturday with the sun setting at 5.45pm. 

28/2: Sunday will be another wonderfully sunny day with highs of 10C.