IF POOLE is serious about recovering from Covid as a town, we need full time, 24/7 paid security guards at the bus station.

It is no use flinging money at the shops in Kingland to pretty them up if customers can’t get to them.

We are lucky enough to have a bus station in Poole that links up the entire town by public transport.

What we don’t have is more than five per cent of the population willing to risk using it despite so many actually having bus passes.

Traffic jams will be thing of the past if getting the bus into Poole ever becomes a pleasant sensible option, instead of something most people avoid like the plague.

The remaining cars and delivery vehicles will be able to get through and around Poole on the much emptier roads without fouling the air with traffic jam fumes or wasting time queuing at every junction.

To end gridlocked Poole we need round the clock security at the bus station from people there all the time.

The idea that you can design crime out of a bus station is about as believable as the Boscombe surf reef, lovely idea, but don’t rely on it.

Britannia Road, Poole