THE roadmap for getting out of lockdown will be announced later today, but what are some of the things we can't wait to do? 

Being in lockdown through winter has been tough for us all but there are finally glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will release a roadmap later today detailing the next steps for the easing of lockdown. 

As we head towards the summer images of barbeques with our nearest and dearest spring to mind, but what else can we look forward to?

1. Spending quality time with our loved ones

Nothing compares. 

The sadness of moments missed and hands left unheld over the past year is gut-wrenching.

But one thing keeps us all going - the prospect of safely hugging our family and friends who need it most once restrictions are eased. 

2. Beach days

Bournemouth Echo:

Will we ever complain about getting sandy picnics again after lockdown? (Image - Stock)

Bournemouth is famous for having the best beach in the UK - and boy oh boy are we excited to use it again. 

Let the thought of sundowners with friends and sandy sandwiches with little ones fill you with hope and joy for the future as we traverse the next few months out of lockdown. 

Never again will we complain about hammering up the windbreak or slathering on suncream - if lockdown's taught us anything it's to be grateful for the little things. 

3. Shopping trips

If you've been counting down the hours to get to Asda for your weekly shop, you'll be excited by the thought of a day in town looking around the shops.

Said like a true shop-a-holic there's nothing quite like a shopping high and we're lucky to have some great districts in and around Bournemouth. 

From Westbourne Arcade to Southbourne High Street we've got lots of independent and local businesses that will need our support more than ever once lockdown is eased. 

So rather than nipping to the big chains, why not 'support local' with your first shopping trip?

4. Going for a coffee and a catch-up 

It really is the simple pleasures we miss most like a cup of coffee and good old-fashioned natter with a friend. 

Bournemouth is lucky to have so many wonderful independent coffee shops and cafes dotted across the region filled with homemade treats and comfy corners. 

Sharing stories and having a laugh will be arguably more important in a post-covid world than ever before as we all look forward to catching up on that all-important social interaction. 

5. Celebrations 

Nearly everybody has had a lockdown birthday and while we try to make them memorable, it's not quite the same as celebrating with your nearest and dearest. 

There are lots of celebrations to catch up on from new births and birthdays to graduations and engagements - there will be lots of reasons to celebrate once lockdown is over. 

Even if we can only gather in groups of six, as is highly anticipated, the chance to create memories and share milestones will be truly invaluable.

6. Getting a haircut

Bournemouth Echo:

When we can expect hairdressers and barbers to reopen will be announced tonight - (Image - Stock)

Are you fed up with your lousy lockdown lid and can't wait to get to the hairdressers to fix that dodgy box-dye 'do? 

If last summer is anything to go by then we can expect mammoth waiting lists as we all rush to get back to the professionals for some pampering. 

Nothing compares to the fabulous feeling you get when you walk out of the salon door and hairdressers across Bournemouth will be eager to get as many of us in as possible to make up on lost income during the pandemic.

7. Going to the movies

Going to the movies ... What's that? 

Cinemas have had a heavy hit as a result of lockdown and streaming services like Netflix seem to have taken over in the film-stakes. 

But nothing beats the nostalgia of a day trip to the cinema and tucking in to popcorn as you stare in awe at the giant screen in front of you. 

There are plenty of films to watch that are holding until lockdown is over, including the new James Bond - No Time To Die.

8. Not having to cook

Bournemouth Echo:

Restaurants and bars are expected to be the last to fully reopen after lockdown (Image - Stock)

As businesses collapse into administration across the country, pubs and restaurants will likely be those last to fully reopen as we ease out of lockdown. 

The hospitality sector supports thousands of workers in Bournemouth so heading to eat out as soon as we safely can will be paramount to the survival and prosperity of local businesses.

Where are you most looking forward to eating once this is all over?

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9. Letting off steam at soft play

There's only so much you can do in the confines of your own home and creating a soft play course in your front room isn't exactly do-able - at least not for most of us. 

Children have been wonderful at adapting to homeschooling and life without their friends but we all need a break.

Getting family activity centres back open will be a God send not just for parents tired of being the only entertainment but also for kids who deserve to run around and really let off some steam.

10. Enjoying live music

Can anyone remember what it's like to see live music? 

The night-time industries have been hit exceptionally hard by the coronavirus pandemic and it is one sector we all need to try and support as much as we can after lockdown. 

Bournemouth has some tremendous live-music venues such as The Madding Crowd and Chaplin's as well as a huge variety of local music artists. 

Keep an eye out on our What's On pages as lockdown eases to make the most of activities and events going on in the community. 

Let us know what you're most looking forward to in the comments.