A Bournemouth University student was shocked to find a bottle of urine in his meal subscription box when it arrived at his home.

Third year journalism student Oliver McManus spoke exclusively to Bournemouth Echo about the shocking discovery in his Hello Fresh delivery. 

Having never ordered from the popular company before, Mr McManus decided to try the company out when his sister gave him a code for a free box.

However, when the parcel arrived on Sunday morning Mr Mcmanus was unsure whether or not the yellow liquid "came as standard" when using a free coupon.

At first Mr McManus said he thought the recycled bottle was filled with chicken stock - so opened it to find out. 

He said: "I got a whiff of it, but I didn't put my nose up to it. 

"As soon as I opened the bottle it smelt like a gents room. 

"It was a hefty, pungent waft."

He decided to tweet Hello Fresh asking for an explanation, with the post gathering a lot of attention with more than 7,000 likes. 

Bournemouth Echo:

Screenshot - Twitter

The tweet sparked a lively discussion on Twitter. 

One person said drivers may be "scared" to go to the bathroom in case they don't meet their targets. 

Another added: " I can’t help but worry for the person who did this. I’m sure it was an accident.

"Please be kind people. God knows how this will end. HelloFresh will be devastated of course. But please think of the poor soul who made a mistake."

Mr McManus added: "It's not mutually exclusive to be concerned about worker's rights and concerned that I've received a bottle of pee in the post. 

"I am worried about both things but I'd rather I didn't get this in the post.

"That doesn't make me an unreasonable person."

Bournemouth Echo:

Screenshot - Twitter

Hello Fresh statement

A spokesperson for Hello Fresh said: “We are truly horrified and sorry that the customer received the offending item.

"Given the wholly unacceptable nature, we have investigated this situation and found that the box left our facility fully sealed, having passed all internal checks.

"We are urgently investigating how an open box with this bottle in it was delivered with our delivery partner.

"We have apologised directly to Mr McManus and offered an appropriate good will gesture.

"We are working hard to do everything we can to ensure that this cannot happen again."

Bournemouth Echo:

Mr McManus' Hello Fresh box 

Satisfied with the response he received from Hello Fresh, Mr McManus deleted his original tweet.

He added: "At the end of the day I had to go to work so I put the bottle in the bin and moved on with my life."