ANTI-SOCIAL motorcyclists were spotted racing each other on Holton Heath.

Police were called after they were seen by a member of the public yesterday.

But they had left the scene by the time officers arrived.

Now police have urged members of the public to note the number plates of any vehicles seen in similar circumstances.

Motorbike stolen and garages raided on Poole estate

A spokesman for Purbeck Police said: "Unfortunately every time police have attended the bikes have already gone.

"When reporting these type of incidents please can you try and note the number plates of the vehicles? This really helps us moving forward.

"We are then able to issue anti social driving warnings. If the behaviour still continues we can start to look at seizing vehicles."

The spokesman thanked the public for information provided and added: "It enables us to not only catch offenders but it helps us to complete targeted patrols and enhance our presence in areas that need it."