THE vaccine chaos unfolding across the EU shows why Britain was right to vote to leave.

The EU’s vaccine programme has lagged way behind that of ‘Brexit Britain’.

The UK has invested seven times as much public money per capita to accelerate the vaccine breakthrough, acting with war-time energy while the EU Commission has remained stuck in its bureaucratic box-ticking subculture.

True to form, the EU is using Covid-19 as a ‘beneficial crisis’ to be resolved by ‘more Europe’; an EU power grab to vaccinate an entire continent under Brussels direction.

This has created tensions with the 27 member states, a labyrinth of disputes and difficulties in getting everyone to agree who should do what, which vaccine to use and how much to have, resulting in huge delays and a failure to place the necessary orders in time.

Hungary got so fed up that they went ahead and ordered Russia’s highly effective ’Sputnik’ vaccine instead.

To disguise its failure, the EU has threatened to undermine the UK’s contract with Astra-Zeneca by banning vaccine exports out of the EU.

They have even considered using the Covid-19 crisis to put ‘hard’ border controls between Northern Ireland and the Republic, in breach of the Withdrawal Agreement.

It is a prime example of why the EU should not be allowed anywhere near deciding issues of national importance,


Chairman, UKIP Mid-Dorset & North Poole

Nightjar Close, Poole