AS A 63-year-old retiree can I please request a HUGE shout out for the wonderful volunteers and professionals who gave me my first jab last Saturday at the Heatherview Medical Centre.

Reminded me of 2012 Olympics and the extraordinary atmosphere of everyone wanting to help and make it happen.

So easy for us mere mortals to just expect this level of service as the norm but it is NOT.

From the moment we arrived in the car park and were personally escorted to a parking space to the welcome in the line and the happy banter as we waited – into the centre and just so professional and welcoming .

The jab was administered so quickly but every stage was clearly explained and the expected side affects etc – I cheekily asked if my 63-year-old wife could be included and was politely told her turn will come.

Anyway just want to say BRAVO and thank you.


Banks Road, Sandbanks