PLANS for a new Costa Coffee drive-thru and car repair garage in Creekmoor have been approved.

BCP Council has green lit Forelle Estates Ltd’s proposed redevelopment of the Marshes End land next to the new Shell petrol station.

It welcomed the scheme, saying it would bring a “long vacant site back into productive economic use”.

Forelle Estates submitted its application in October, seeking permission for the construction of a Costa Coffee drive-thru next to a new car repair garage.

It said designs were drawn up to accommodate the needs of businesses which have expressed a desire to operate from the site.

“The proposal submitted forms a well-considered and appropriate solution for this site that maximises the potential of the site within the parameters set by the occupier’s requirements,” a statement submitted by its architect Boyle and Summers says.

In the mid-1970s the land, just off the Holes Bay Roundabout, was used as an unlicensed landfill, leading it to be classed as contaminated and restricting its future use.

Poole council later earmarked it for a controversial transit site for travellers but the plan was scrapped in 2014 in the face of significant public opposition.

About 200 people tried to access an emergency meeting held at Poole Civic Centre to discuss the scheme.

And now BCP Council has approved the development of the reminder of the site, having previously green lit plans that saw the Shell petrol station open in 2019.

Planning officer Jon Maidman, who granted planning permission for the drive-thru and garage at the end of January, said the scheme would bring the land “back into productive economic use” and create new jobs and facilities.

“The design of the development is appropriate to its location and would not cause harm to neighbouring properties or the surrounding environment,” his report said.

“The development complies with the objectives of the relevant local and national planning policies and subject to conditions is recommended for approval.”