I WOULD like to congratulate Laurie Phillips painting a very professional zebra crossing in his busy road for the good of the community and embarrassing the council.

Years ago I was trying to get a crossing provided at the Ringwood Road and Parkstone Heights junction after watching school children dodging cars, trying to get across to the shops, and was told by the then traffic manager ‘it’s our job to keep the traffic moving not slow it down, we know what we’re doing’, end of conversation.

The council have always paid lip service to road safety in built up areas, and a case in point is Constitution Hill Road, Poole, one of the most dangerous and busy roads, used by hundreds of primary school children at one end and college students taking their life in their hands to cross at the bus stop in the middle.

I wish I had the bottle to pop down in the small hours and do the same as Laurie Phillips did, but I would probably get run over and have to stagger home covered in paint knowing my luck.


Cranbrook Road, Poole