RESIDENTS and councillors in Christchurch have had their say on the latest round of roadworks in the town, which are set to last for at least two months.

A lane closure is in place on Barrack Road as CityFibre started installation work on Monday February 15, which expected to last a month, whilst SSE Enterprise Telecoms are to begin works in Fountain Way and the Christchurch Bypass from March 8 to April 13.

Whilst many residents have welcomed the timing of the work, many have raised concerns over the duration of the roadworks.

Christchurch resident Daniela De Simone said: “Not more road works in Christchurch; come on, sort it out!

“The chaos and traffic it causes is ridiculous.”

A Christchurch resident added: “It’s interesting they bring lighting fast broadband and ultra-slow roadworks.

“As for Bargates why was this work not done during the previous long term road closure, doesn’t anyone liaise and talk?

“There are things called computers now maybe the companies that have systems under public highways could link up.”

However the majority of people credited the arrangement of the works, during a time when the roads are expected to be quitter due to only essential travel being advised by the government during the current lockdown.

“With everyone at home, I can’t imagine it will disrupt too many people?”, said Poole resident Carl Bunter.

Another local added: “Good god - people are never happy. Works have to be done - do people seriously think it happens like magic?

“Best time to do it is in lockdown considering a lot of people aren’t working, businesses shut. Soon moan when your gas, electric, water, internet all not working, and you want it fixed instantly.

“Unbelievable! And yes, I am a keyworker as is the rest of family before anyone gets on their high horse.”

Christchurch mayor Councillor Lesley Dedman said the current roadworks along Barrack Road, although inconvenient, will bring huge advantages to the town in the long term.

She said: “The partial lane closures are due to fibre being installed which will bring the benefits to Christchurch residents that other parts of the conurbation already enjoy.

“Although there will be difficulties for business who are still open, and for traffic even in these lockdown weeks, I hope that people using those routes will be understanding and patient until the work is done, in order to enjoy the results of Christchurch being a digitally very well-connected area.”