IT’S NOT often these days that I find myself chuckling as I watch BBC Breakfast, but I was much amused when, on Monday morning, presenter Dan Walker spoke with 81-year-old William Shakespeare, who hails just like the bard from Warwickshire, who was the second person in the UK to receive the Covid jab.

In the course of that conversation Mr Walker drew attention that some clever wag on social media had dubbed Mr Shakespeare one of the “Two Gentlemen of Corona”, taking part in “The Taming of the ‘Flu”.

Quite made my day.

On the subject of puns, I wonder why the government, as part of it’s strategy to beat Covid, hasn’t thought to reword and reissue that much copied World War II poster “keep calm and don’t panic” as “KEEP CALM – DON’T PANdemIC”!


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