MY POINT was not to denigrate the volunteers and health workers at the BIC who, of course, are doing a fantastic job – but to simply point out that, in my humble view, Tobias Elwood was out of order in criticising doctors’ surgeries for “poaching” candidates for profit.

My brief letter (I didn’t want to get too heavy) was intended to be taken with a dose of humour (I got that wrong, didn’t I).

Many people, especially elderly folk, prefer to visit a local surgery (where they can park easily and for free) especially if they are given a choice – as I was.

For the record, many over 70s (I am in that group) received BOTH – an invitation to go to the BIC and a text offering appointments at local surgeries so this duplication gave people choices.

You can hardly blame doctors for peoples’ choices, Mr Elwood?