AS “Climate Godfather” Dr James Hansen points out in his letter to Boris Johnson, leadership on the climate crisis is doable.

As host to the upcoming COP 26 Johnson would be wrong to continue to support a coal mine and subsidise fossil fuels.

This would show “contemptuous disregard of the future of young people and of nature”.

Youngsters are calling for a scientific approach and for a carbon fee and dividend policy.

This would diminish the use of harmful fossil fuels and spur innovation, clean energies and energy efficiency.

It would increase prosperity and government revenues.

There’s a current discussion in our conurbation about a Green New Deal. If the government were to invest £68 billion, producing 1.2 million green new jobs we could lead the clean revolution. Meantime the Welsh government talks of a circular economy and aims for a 100 per cent recycling rate of all materials from all sectors by 2050.

The UK’s commissioned Dasgupta Report points out that the right schemes mean nature can be restored, benefitting life on Earth as well as the economy. What are we waiting for?

Parkwood Road, Southbourne