DORSET’S nationally known drink Jimmy’s Iced Coffee is being stocked in Co-op stores – after “eight years of meetings”.

The event coincided with the unveiling of plastic-free packaging for the brand and the brand marked the occasion by giving away 10,000 drinks.

The Christchurch-based company unveiled “infinitely recyclable” aluminium cans for its key Original and Mocha products. Fans who went to the Jimmy’s website were able to order a voucher, sent to their door, to redeem for an iced coffee in any of 1,500 Co-operative stores.

Jimmy’s co-founder Suzie Owen said: “Our fans helped us to get our Co-op listing, so we thought it only right to thank them by offering them an iced coffee on us. You’re never too far from a Co-op and we’re so excited to have our liquid gold on the shelves.”

Jimmy's Iced Coffee unveils new look – and plans new soft drink

The Original and Mocha recipes contain Rainforest Alliance, single-origin Arabia coffee and are available exclusively to Co-op in 250ml cans.

Co-founder Jim Cregan said: “I’m so, so excited to finally be getting our products listed in the Co-op. It’s been eight years of meetings, but we got there in the end.

“It’s my local store and would imagine I speak for a great deal of people with that statement! It’s the ideal place for Jimmy’s, being it’s on-the-go, quick and easy and one thing I love about the Co-op is their fridges are always cold – meaning you’re always going to get an ice-cold Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.”

The company said Jimmy’s and Co-op were both British brands rooted in community, social responsibility, and positivity, as well as being aligned in their sustainability goals and customer base.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee co-founder Suzie Cregan interviewed

The Jimmy’s brand was born after Jim Cregan became hooked on iced coffee when travelling Australia. He was rebuffed when he tried to bring his favourite Australian brand to Britain so created his own, with the first attempts being mixed in Suzie’s cafe in Christchurch.

Sales exceeded five million units this year. The brand is sold in more than 5,000 shops including Waitrose, Tesco, M&S and Boots and is included in Tesco and Boots meal deals.

The brand recently diversified into fizzy drinks with Jimmy’s Coffee Cola as part of a transition from Jimmy’s Iced Coffee to Jimmy’s.