LIVING just of the A31 at Wimborne, I travel along the section between Lake Gates and Ferndown quite often and am disgusted at the state of the verges that resemble a tip.

There are plastic bags and building membrane hanging from trees and bushes. Takeaway cartons, sandwich wrappers and drink cans line the road. On the industrial estate roundabout there is a freezer’s internal section. Not long back there was a bath. There are tyres, oil drums and the obligatory mattress, and various road cones and signs.

On the westbound side the scrub has been cleared but the litter left behind on this road is a disgusting example of the filthy people who throw rubbish from car windows and insecure loads on trade vehicles.

Why have the authorities not taken any action to clear this mess? If we had a Royal visit there would not be a speck of paper anywhere. Why do we have to live with this?


Sopwith Crescent, Merley