POOLE sailor Pip Hare received a special birthday message as she continues her solo round-the-world trip.

Actor Russell Crowe, who has starred in films like Gladiator and Robin Hood sent the yachtswoman a congratulatory message while she takes part in the Vendee Globe yacht race around the globe.

Mr Crowe recorded the message after being approached by a local radio host who said Hare was a fan of his.

In his video message, Mr Crowe said: “I hear you’re sailing around round the globe.”

He added: “I’m just sitting here thinking about the incredible challenge in front of you and how overwhelming it must feel some days.

“But just keep going.

“What an amazing feeling you’re going to have when you can say you have claimed the globe.

“Happy birthday Pip, sail well.”

The Gladiator star joked he had just been kayaking himself with a paddle which “made it significantly easier, so it’s a similar journey, I imagine”.

Ms Hare is currently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, according to the race’s online tracker.

Mr Crowe later shared a reply sent to him by the sailor in which she said she is 2,300 miles from home.

“Thank you so much for my birthday message,” she said in a video message.

“You have no idea what a surprise and how great to receive it,” she said.

“I have been on my own for 87 days.”