WITH the Covid 19 pandemic we are at a time of national crisis, and now is not the right time for MPs to decide to go rogue on what has been deemed best practice to remain safe.

Admittedly this Government's track record has been far from exemplary where strategy is concerned, but the appointed scientists have offered a very clear message on the 'stay safe' format.

Why is it then that Sir Desmond Swayne, our elected MP (not elected by me I hasten to add), sees fit to fly in the face of the only bit of continuity coming out of Westminster regarding lockdown and mask wearing?

He has imposed his personal views on anyone who will listen, even allowing his arguments to be aired on dubious conspiracy theory platforms such is what appears to be his unquenchable thirst to be in the public eye at any price.

All of this behaviour is at best irresponsible and at worst divisive.

I think, given his litany of questionable rhetoric from fat shaming poor children of families in food poverty, to sitting on his hands on voting on the UC credit £20 lifeline to those who have lost everything due to the pandemic, to deciding that he knows best when it comes to lockdown and safety strategies, (better in fact than the World Health Organisation it seems), it is time this man was challenged; it is time he is asked to stand down.

We need an MP who will actually get on with what he is meant to do and that is, quite simply, represent his constituents.

Being an MP is a position of privilege, not a platform to use willy-nilly to share controversy in order to court media attention to air pet projects and spread misleading information.

Sir Desmond Swayne has overstepped the mark and should no longer enjoy that privilege.

Trina Hart