BIG headline on the front page of the Echo 'Five-year plan to create jobs and homes'.

Inside the article says the intention is to create 13,000 jobs and build 15,000 homes in the BCP area over the next five years.

Nothing whatsoever wrong with this plan and no doubt the house building will create many jobs.

However, house building apart, before you create jobs there must be demand, for the products and the services that are going to create the employment.

In order to do this, we should begin to manufacture again products in this country that we have previously bought from other countries.

China is one that comes to mind from whom we had to purchase large quantities of PPE equipment at the start of the pandemic.

Also, services that we have outsourced to other countries should be brought back to these shores, in order to provide employment.

The pandemic has certainly shown that we need to be more self-sufficient, our first choice now should definitely be to buy British.

Colin Moyes