AN ABUSIVE male was arrested after refusing to leave a GP surgery in Bournemouth.

Police said the same man has also been causing problems in shops and banks in the town.

He was one of two "prolific problem people" dealt with by Bournemouth police on Thursday January 28.

A spokesman said: "We had to deal with two of our prolific problem people in Bournemouth and Westbourne.

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We had a call for a male in a GP surgery being abusive towards staff and refusing to leave. This same male has been causing issues in shops and banks in town as of late. He was subsequently arrested for public order and we are seeing what support can be put in place to get him some help with his mental health.

"We also had to issue a section 35 dispersal notice to a male we had a call about, who was aggressively begging in The Triangle. He was banned from the area for the rest of the day and sent home."