BOURNEMOUTH University have announced that they are to offer students 50 per cent rent credit to cover the lockdown period.

The Dorset university has followed the national trend set by other universities and accommodation providers in offering money back for students not current living in their accommodation.

Prior to this, students were paying up to £160 a week for accommodation they could not access, following government advice at the beginning of the current lockdown to stay at home.

The offer, which is internally funded, is explicitly for students who pay rent direct to Bournemouth University, or students whose accommodation contracts are directly with BU, and have not used their accommodation between January 11 and March 5.

Chief Operating Officer Jim Andrews: “We have been working since the start of the pandemic to make sure our students and staff are supported and are doing all we can to help our students as they study during a very difficult period.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer accommodation support where we can, but all of our students will benefit from the academic support, financial hardship support and wellbeing support we have in place, and any student wishing to explore this support can find it on our website, or by contacting AskBU.

“Thank you to all our staff who have been working so hard through these circumstances.”

For those students eligible for the BU accommodation rent credit, the rent credit will be applied to the final rent instalment due in April 2021.

Many private housing providers, including some of those who partner with Bournemouth University, have also been able to offer accommodation rent credit, rebates or similar financial support to students in their properties.

However, the university also recognise that not every housing provider is in a position to be able to offer financial support.

Students living with one of these providers who are facing financial hardship in respect of their rent are advised to apply for support via BU’s student financial support funds.

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