THERE are times when having read various articles in the Echo that I feel I am losing contact with the real world and the latest relates to the report on the meeting of a Poole neighbourhood policing meeting earlier this week.

Councillor Mark Howell has been accused of making a racist and xenophobic remark by Councillor Bobbie Dove who has the title of lead member for equalities but should perhaps also be in charge of the thought police judging on this performance and she was not even at the meeting.

The police in the first instance said that the comments made by Councillor Howell that the use of the police helicopter was related to illegal immigrants due to it coinciding with the arrival of the Barfleur ferry were not racially motivated and then the following day said the investigation into the complaint was still on going and a hate incident has been recorded.

If what was said is recorded as a hate incident then what hope is there for saying anything without fear of being reprimanded by the authorities.

Surely in these very testing times the police and elected members of the council have more important issues to deal with.


Catalina Drive, Poole