It is not a surprise that so many people wish to object to the planned opening to traffic of the narrow bridge between Poole Park and Whitecliff Park.

The facts are that this bridge provides the main route for walkers and cyclists between Poole's two largest open spaces, is widely used and is only 7feet 6inches wide.

BCP Council' plan is to allow cars to push their way through this narrow bridge, so forcing walkers, their children and dogs and any cyclists out of their way.

This is clearly a potential hazzard, yet the health and safety people who are responsible for environmental safety have failed to act to stop this plan.

It is also significant that BCP have fully opened Poole Park road, previously it was only opened to traffic after 10am to stop the road being used as a short cut.

This together with the opening of the keyhole bridge to cars would allow the park to be used as a rat run for the people of Canford Cliffs. Lilliput and Sandbanks going to Central Poole.

This is not what Poole Park is for.

I understand that BCP council have already received money from central government to promote walking and cycling, and are hoping to get more.

Perhaps the government minister responsible for allocating funds should look closely at all the plans and actions of BCP council, especially their Poole Park plan which encourages the use of cars to the detriment and safety of walkers and cyclists.

Philip Sandom