Families have been sharing their pictures and experiences of home schooling and are doing a sterling job.

Tina and Chris Witham and twins Summer and Leonardo, 10, have faced an added struggle as they are all suffering with Long Covid to some degree.

The twins are in Year 6 at St Katherine’s School and their parents run Swish Theatre School.

Tina said: “It’s been a really hard journey and still is but we remain positive and although things are up and down we hope there will be a big improvement before long.The twins keep us busy and upbeat.

“We find the home schooling much better this time as they have to register each morning and we let them do this themselves.They also see their teachers and friends online at some point in the week and still have worship.

“I have used this time, as the twins are a bit older, to encourage self motivation and self belief. They have been working independently as much as possible this time with our guidance when needed, deciding when they do their work.

“If they feel tired or are feeling any pressure we let them totally switch off and do a board game or something relaxing.It takes away the pressure.I feel they have become more independent and have done amazingly well.

“We try to balance the work with physical activity - even if it’s them going on their scooters or a walk in the forest.

“Of course doing Swish zoom lessons adds so much, they continue to learn their skills and stay in contact with their friends there and enjoy themselves. I feel the important thing is to keep a sense of balance and fun where possible.”

Also pictured is Reuben Hagger, 11, from Avonbourne Academy class 7AB2. His mum Amy told us:" Reuben is loving home schooling. His school is doing an outstanding job with their structure and organisation of lessons via teams. They are making the lessons fun and interactive and I could not praise them enough.

"My only tips or advice would be to not put too much pressure on, to provide lots of snacks during breaks and try to get out as much as possible. Reuben and I have been out either walking, bike riding or scootering each day when lessons finish to get fresh air and to get Reuben out of his room. "

And Kelle Downer said : "We are currently homeschooling our 11 year old and 5 year old girls while looking after our 19 month old! It’s a massive juggle day to day but I have to say it’s nice to be able to see how our children are being taught as we don’t normally get to see any lessons the children have during their normal school day. It’s lovely to see my 5 year old learning lots of ‘tricky words’ and practising her phonics in such a fun way!

"When we aren’t doing school work we try and get out for a daily walk or do some PE with Joe Wicks or we just dance around the lounge with the music as loud as possible to let off some steam as it’s hard for them not being able to play outside with their friends like they normally would be.

"The girls also love doing arts and crafts so we’ll get the messy box out if it’s raining. It’s been tough with them all being different ages but thankfully our 11 year old has been managing her own school work with hardly any help which means I can get a few hours to myself to get some work done too! They also both do Swish and Vchoir Kids online which is fab for keeping them singing, dancing and smiling! It’s great for their mental health during these challenging times."

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