NOTICING the road decorations on the Poole side of the old Poole lifting bridge, I had wondered what they were about?

Now having read about them and the reasons given by BCP council, it is probably an appropriate time to comment on them.

Allow me first to quote a few comments given by the council, who say they are part of a ‘wider scheme of art wayfinding and public realm improvements’ and ‘the public art will create a new sense of intrigue, engagement and place, giving residents and visitors alike the opportunity to find out more about what makes the town so special’.

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Have you ever heard such council-speak gobbledygook such as this? They continue to say this forms part of the £9.6m Townside and Hunger Hill improvement scheme.

I apart from the waste of time and money, I feel sure many residents and visitors alike will find the art in the road very distracting, particularly so when approaching from either side you encounter several junctions and pedestrian crossings, this I would suggest almost poses an extra hazard.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy