AN EXCELLENT idea proposed by Tim Southby of Heathside Travel coaches, but of course our government represented by Christopher Chope would only see the difficulties, or pass flippant remarks about taking “oldies” for a holiday outing in time of crisis.

There are people who cannot get to a vaccination site because of age or infirmity.

Coaches driven round to park in schools, parks, or community grounds would solve the problem.

Converted at a cost far less than building hospitals or converting buildings like the BIC, the coaches could hold fridges to store vaccine, with comfortable private cubicles and walk through access.

Leased from the owners and driven by their normal drivers, carrying medical staff and equipment, it would be a win – win situation.

These coaches are sitting idly by and the staff are unable to earn a wage

Where is the Dunkirk spirit?

Remember all the boats that set sail when called. No bureaucracy then to stop it happening.

The sole purpose was to save lives. We need imaginative ideas like this to beat this enemy.

Does Mr Chope really think that we oldies would rather have a holiday now, than get the vaccination to as many people as possible when it could save lives?

Get real Mr Chope and help to make it happen.


Elmes Road, Bournemouth