A BOURNEMOUTH post office has temporarily closed after positive coronavirus cases, with some customers asked to self-isolate.

Moordown Post Office in Wimborne Road closed at the end of last week after stating it is now “finally on our knees”.

A statement from the post office said: “Dear all customers, we have fought the battle of pandemic since it started, we stood by our community to serve when needed the most but finally we are now on our knees and fallen with this Covid-19.

“Couple of us have gone down positive, please self-isolate if you are in close contact with us since Monday (January 11) and Tuesday (January 12).

“We are expected to go back to usual service by January 23 with limited hours service with and absolute strict measure which includes no mask, no entry (if you are exempt you will be served but you will have to wait outside the shop) we will be taking these strict measures after we have been hit by rule ignorers.

“My regular customers are good support but there are some with their own minds who still think Covid is hoax.

“Please share and people please be safe out there, it is real and not a joke.

“See you soon all, take care.”