THE boss of a coach company says his vehicles could be used as mobile coronavirus vaccination clinics.

Tim Southby, owner-director of Heathside Travel, argues the move would help with the challenges of getting vaccines into GP clinics and care homes.

Most of the nation’s coaches are standing idle in the latest lockdown, with even National Express suspending its services.

Mr Southby’s four Ferndown-based coaches usually take people to the likes of Goodwood, Glastonbury and football matches at AFC Bournemouth, Manchester City, Manchester United and Norwich.

“I’d like to support the community and wondered if there’s anything we can do locally and nationally,” he said.

He said coaches have plenty of storage space, enough room for social distancing and Covid-approved air purifiers.

“We could collect the vaccine from a central point and then take it anywhere with vaccinators,” he said.

Mr Southby said his coaches, worth £270,000, are only being “driven around the yard periodically”.

“They’re sitting there and we and we haven’t got any government support,” he said.

“We’re just trying to think how we can generate a small income by utilising the vehicles and doing our bit to help out where we can.”

Mr Southby’s MP, Christchurch’s Sir Christopher Chope, said: “In the present circumstances, all suggestions are worth taking forward.

“There’s an issue about getting the vaccine out to people who are in care homes or remote locations and certainly luxury coaches might be effective.”

But he warned: “Trying to get through the bureaucracy to get anybody to listen is a complete nightmare.”

He suggested the government should allow coach holidays to restart as soon as possible for older people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

“If the government was more flexible, we could revive the luxury coach market because Tim Southby could take a coachload of people, all of whom have been vaccinated, on an outing,” he said.