A FULL survey of a community centre believed to be responsible for exposing a dance teacher to asbestos has been commissioned.

As reported, Katrina Jane Earley, 59, died on February 2, 2020, a little less than five years after first being diagnosed with mesothelioma, a cancer caused by the exposure to asbestos.

Mrs Earley had run a popular dance school at the Beaufort Community Centre, in Beaufort Road, since 1993.

And her inquest, held in November last year, heard how she had been exposed to asbestos, with the community manager asking her to move out the hall temporarily after finding asbestos.

Following the conclusion of the inquest, a BCP Council spokesperson said: “We continue to consider the coroner's report and the issues raised.

“Previous investigations undertaken by the centre have not highlighted any concerns.

“BCP Council has commissioned a full survey to provide further reassurance with the results expected in the next few weeks."

The inquest heard how the hall had a wooden floor with “loose blocks” which Andrew Earley, Katrina’s husband, would sometimes have to tape down before dance exams.

At the inquest, Mr Earley said: “Dancing would disturb the loose blocks on the floor.

“That is the only place where we know there was asbestos where she was.”

Dorset coroner Brendan Allen said: “From the evidence available to me, Katrina Jane Earley was fit and well and had a physically demanding job.

“She worked as a dance teacher running her own school at the Beaufort Community Centre. It was a successful school and she was there four to five days a week by the late 90s.

“It was around the late 90s that she was approached and told there was asbestos under the flooring.

“The flooring was loose, and the blocks would clearly be disturbed during dance classed and that disturbed the asbestos underneath.

“Mrs Earley was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2015 and on February 6 was admitted to the MacMillan unit where she died on February 23.

“Mrs Earley died as a consequence of industrial disease.”