A SCREENWRITER from Poole is to have his first three feature films distributed across the country this year after successful screenings on London Live .

Having been denied the chance to study drama at college in his teenage years, Steven Murphy felt that his dreams were over before they had even begun

He said: “I applied for drama when l left school in Poole, but l was told because l was working full time, and the other students were funded by their parents, l wouldn’t be able to devote the time to the course.

“Disappointed, I vowed to try again the next year, which l did.

“This time the tutor told me I wouldn't fit in as l was working as a bouncer and my 'lifestyle wasn't conducive with the other students'.

As he drifted from job to job for the next ten years, Steven’s life began to spiral out of control, and he battled personal demons in the form of addiction.

A lost decade ensued, l was in and out of every employment going, but l was unable to settle as l wasn’t following my dreams.

“I grew extremely self-destructive and fell into addiction,” Steven added.

“At 31 my life was going down the toilet and l knew l had to get clean, which l did

“Focussed on getting his life back on track, Steven reapplied for the same college degree 13 years later and was accepted.”

From there, he went on to pass his degree which in turn boosted his confidence and led to his first professional piece of work.

DOORWAYS, a two-man play about bouncers based loosely on Steven's experience in the trade, received rave reviews after its showing at Bournemouth, as Steven won a writing scholarship with The National Theatre as well as an acting one at The New York Film Academy.

Short of money, Steven bought a taxi to help make as much as possible, and even entered a cage fighting tournament for a prize of £7,500 but ended up breaking his leg in the process.

He said: “So I decided l would have to make my own opportunities, which l did.

“I adapted DOORWAYS into a screenplay. Pitched to local businesses and sold my taxi to raise a small budget and made the feature, even though l had no cash or training.

“I jumped in at the deep end writing/producing and acting. I only directed as l couldn't afford one and got it done. It was like a self-given apprenticeship.”

Following this, he made his second feature film MY SAVIOUR, which is available to watch on Amazon, and finished his third feature RELENTLESS in 2019 which has gone on to win several awards at film festivals including the Gold Movie Awards and the Oniros Film Awards.

Steven sustained a heart attack in the middle of his third film but made a rapid recorder to return to filming within a few days.

All three films were screen on London Live in December last year and will be distributed later this year.

Steven, who now operates under film company Hard Work Films, is in preproduction of his new feature film SKULL HUNTER this year but is looking for investors and executive producers to assist him.

To find out more about Steven Murphy and Hard Work Films, visit https://www.hardworkfilms.co.uk/.