DOG walkers have been warned after a “probable” case of ‘Alabama Rot’ was found in the New Forest.

Over the last decade, hundreds of dogs have died after contracting Alabama Rot, or CRGV, and the New Forest was known hotspot.

The disease is believed to be transmitted through cuts and abrasions while walking in contaminated open wet areas.

It is a disease that damages blood vessels in the skin and kidney.

It causes blood to clot in the vessels which damages the lining of the kidneys.

This causes ulcers on the skin and sometimes kidney failure.

And the New Forest Dog Owners Group (NFDOG) warned of a probable case in a dog who has walked in the Wilverley enclosure.

Heather Gould, chair of NFDOG, said: “This probable case of ‘Alabama Rot’ is serious and worrying for all dog owners, not least as it’s been a couple of years since the last outbreak in the New Forest.

“But it’s never entirely gone away and already this winter there were confirmed cases in Wiltshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

“The experts still aren’t sure about the cause of ‘Alabama Rot’, or its scientific name, CRGV.

“But we know it gets into the dog’s bloodstream through open cuts while walking on wet or muddy ground.

“Some people have identified Wilverley as a hotspot, but there isn’t any real evidence to show it’s there or any other specific part of the New Forest.

“So, the advice is simple. After a walk wash your dog’s feet in cold water and pay particular attention to any wounds.

“If you suspect anything let your vet know immediately. Sadly, most dogs that get the disease die.

“But to have the best chance of survival, if you suspect anything, the vet needs to know quickly so treatment can begin.

“The New Forest Dog Owners Group has been funding research into CRGV and we hope a cure will be found. Until then up-to-date information can be found at”