Wimborne Business Improvement District is seeking a new term in a five-yearly renewal ballot and businesses are being urged to back it.

Over the last five years, the BID has been providing events, promotion, business support, and physical improvements in Wimborne, working with partners in local authorities, Dorset Police, Chambers of Trade, festival committees and others.

BID chairman Martin Pate said a 'yes' vote was crucial for the town.

He said: “Our vision is to create a town for businesses now and in the future, with enhanced connectivity, a clean safe environment and the town promoted with events which will help every business thrive.

"We understand that the Covid 19 pandemic is taking priority, but it really is vital for businesses to use their vote.”

Activities include street cleaning, event grant funding and marketing initiatives.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the BID has been signposting businesses to relevant support, providing information for residents and keeping Wimborne in the public eye.

In October, the BID organised a pumpkin trail, and fully funded the shop Christmas trees that make the town so festive.

Wimborne BID is a business-led and business-funded organisation, raising around £100,000 investment into the town through a levy on businesses.

Every five years, the business plan is updated and the BID seeks renewal through a further ballot.

The current BID term ends at the end of March and through January, businesses will be asked to complete a postal ballot on the future of the BID.

James Harris-Hawkins, who owns the salon Head Office said: “I always thought that the BID was just part of our running costs. Over the last few months, though, the BID has been really good.

"We’ve had loads of support and information, and it’s really shown that as businesses in Wimborne we are all a team and a community. As a small business it’s very easy to feel alone so having a port of call to get help has been a real help.”

Businesses receive ballot papers by post. The ballot opened on Thursday 7th January and closes on Thursday 4th February.