Mudeford Beach was the setting as bar manager Connor Sanderson-Griffiths proposed to girlfriend Harriet.

And now the couple who married during the coronavirus restrictions have told us all about the events leading up to their wedding.

Harriet, who runs a small craft business explained the significance: “Mudeford beach is where we had our first kiss and we got engaged on January 13 in 2018, a year and a half after that first kiss.

“It was as to be expected a wet cold and windy day. Connor had been acting odd the night before and in the morning. I really had no idea why but then I knew something wasn’t right as he suggested we walked on the sand - and he hates the sand!

“The next thing I know he’s down on one knee! Everything went a bit of a blur and I just remember telling him to get up -  and a random dog sat next to us with the owner discreetly trying to get it to move! It was the perfect moment though and of course I said yes - and the ring fitted!”

So did Covid-19 have any impact on your wedding plans?

“We were due to get married on April 3 but we had to obviously postpone due to lockdown. The new date was September 4 but it was only a few days before that we knew the date would actually take place and then it was all systems go!”

They decided to marry in the New Forest at the stunning Rhinefield House and Harriet recalls:

“We had our final meeting with Rhinefield house in February and I mentioned about coronavirus. I remember our wedding co ordinator laughing, as at that point it wasn’t that big in England and she didn’t think it would have any effect on the wedding ... how wrong she was haha!

“We really thought we would just get our original day (April 3, 2020). I thought we would just get it in before a lockdown, as things started to happen rapidly and a date ws given when hospitality and weddings would have to stop.

“I did mention about quickly trying to bring it forward and get married three days before the lockdown but luckily everyone talked me out of that !

“We just felt so sad and upset as it was a day we had planned for over two years. Then having to spend the original wedding date in lockdown was difficult, but Connor bought champagne and we had breakfast in bed!

“It was so hit and miss then with emotions over the next few months, having to re- put away all the wedding items, and then the government kept pushing back the dates to do with weddings. I really didn’t believe we were getting married until the day before. I didn’t trust there wouldn’t be another announcement! “

Rhinefield house was a venue I had always seen pictures of and always wanted to go to. Then when we got engaged my parents treated us to stay there for the night. I kept saying to Connor I wanted to get married there, literally the amazement of how beautiful it is as you drive up to it! He kept telling me we have to look at other venues as we couldn’t pick the first one we went to.

"Later that evening whilst having dinner, he took my hand and said, this is where we are going to get married. When you know you just know , and there was no need to see another venues! 

"My bridal party was made up with two of my really close friends Tash and Hannah. Unfortunately I had a third bridesmaid Domi but she lives In Poland and couldn’t fly back due to the restrictions, so it was hard getting married without her there, but she wanted us to have our special day.

"The most stressful part was covid but also small simple things like how much we had with the wrong dates on, such as gifts and welcome to our wedding signs which all said April and we only remembered/realised just before the date in September so had no chance to change it all. We decided that just added to the charm of it!

"We also had to cut our guest list by over half but we were so lucky that everyone was completely understanding and just really wanted us to have our special day.

Best memories of the day?

"Connor says his best memory was him standing at the end of the aisle and turning round to see me walking down, and my dad's speech! My mum was so worried what he would say but it was perfect, he had everyone in tears and laughter. I don’t think I could pick a best memory as I loved all of it. I just felt so lucky to be marrying my best friend surrounded by our family and closest friends.

"It wasn’t the day we originally planned but I can’t imagine having it any other way. Everything ran so smoothly and was just a relaxed intimate atmosphere on a lovely sunny day !"