NEARLY 70 complaints about Covid rules and social distancing were received by BCP Council in just a week.

A total of 54 related to businesses trading when they should be prohibited from doing so.

There were also complaints relating to supermarkets and customers failing to wear face coverings or not social distancing.

The 69 complaints were made between January 4 and 11.

Councillor May Haines, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety said: “Since January 4 Regulatory Services have received 69 complaints concerning compliance with the Covid-19 legislation.

“The majority of these complaints relate to supermarkets and other retail businesses with 54 complaints concerning businesses trading when they shouldn’t, alongside complaints about customers not social distancing or wearing PPE. Officers are working hard to deal with all the complaints that have been received.”

The council is expected to announce details of further enforcement measures within days.

Most of the large supermarket chains have announced moves to toughen guidance on the wearing of face coverings in their stores.

Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and Waitrose said they will deny entry to shoppers who do not wear face masks unless they are medically exempt. Sainsbury’s says it will challenge those without face coverings.

The enforcement of the wearing of face coverings is officially a police responsibility although retailers have come in for criticism for not being more strict.

Supermarkets can deny entry to their stores because they are private property. Staff can call the police if someone refuses to follow the rules or becomes abusive.

Last summer the council was flooded with complaints about hairdressers and barbers.

After they were allowed to reopen members of the public complained about a lack of social distancing and a failure to wear PPE.

Environmental health officers visited premises and gave advice.