I WAS born in Boscombe Hospital and have lived in Boscombe all my life and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

I simply don’t understand the political twaddle that Cllr George Farquar spouts and the picture he paints of doom and gloom and lack of hope.

As in mostly every town in this country, there are parts of Boscombe which need help and these needs are being addressed by an ongoing, ambitious programme of redevelopment and regeneration.

But for most of us living and visiting here, we already have everything we need, most of which is free.

A beach to rival any in the world, plentiful sporting and recreational facilities, award-winning Boscombe Gardens, King’s Park and Shelley Park and the Boscombe Cliffs Nature Reserve.

We have a great shopping centre, a terrific bus service and an opportunity for a healthy, open-air lifestyle.

Just look at the hordes of people enjoying their walks and cycle rides along the cliff top during these dark cold days of lockdown.

We have brilliant and ambitious restaurateurs who in normal times offer us an amazing variety of places to enjoy; we have the Coastal Activity Park, the much-valued Boscombe Pier and most of all we have the wonderful community of people who live here and who thoroughly enjoy the little gem that is Boscombe.


BCP Council