BOURNEMOUTH East MP Tobias Ellwood said he backed the third national lockdown since the coronavirus pandemic began but admitted there were some “concerns” over the length.

Prime minister Boris Johnson plunged the nation into a lockdown after growing coronavirus cases, and parliament was recalled on Wednesday to debate the restrictions.

And Mr Ellwood told the Daily Echo: “I think it is important that parliament is kept involved, we know that optimism has got the better of the government and we need to manage expectations.

“The vaccine roll-out is expected to make its mark in mid-February and as there is a lag in the way that affects the stats, the number of cases, hospitalisations and deaths, we should anticipate the toughest parts continuing until at least March time unfortunately.

“But the silver lining is this is the last chapter of what has been a very challenging 12 months.

“One in three patients in hospital are affected by Covid, the knock-on consequence of that is enormous, that is the problem we are facing.

“It is not just in Britain, look across the world, the biggest change is this new variant. It is spreading so much faster and has changed the priorities in which we can deal with the pandemic.

“If we are to get the better of this, we have to adhere to the rules that are put in place.

“I have encouraged the government to ensure we are going to get far more updates”

Mr Ellwood also called for the government to utilise the armed forces to help roll out the vaccine.

“I can’t see us pushing out two million vaccines a week without greater use of the armed forces,” he continued.

“What every area needs to have is a hub for the vaccination programme, you need to have someone like a sergeant major who can run this. They are exactly who the nation should be leaning on.”