I WAS particularly interested to read your report on the use of Tasers on children by the police. Last year it would appear that Tasers were drawn more than a dozen times by the local force.

A lady by the name of Louise King who holds the grand title of director of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England has her say to condemn even drawing a Taser as this would frighten children even if it was not used.

The UN Committee on the rights of the child has apparently made it clear that Tasers should be prohibited for use on children.

All very well to read the position of these organisations but would it be possible to hear the case for the other side.

I cannot imagine for one moment that the police would either want or need to draw a Taser unless there was very good reason to have to do so and as a last resort.

The Echo reports frequently on serious bad behaviour by local teenagers and I can only have sympathy for the police officers when confronted by out of control children who are not prepared or willing to act in a fit and proper way .

Perhaps Mrs King could spend her time liaising with the parents of these criminal children to try and introduce better parental guidance and control so as to avoid the police being placed in these difficult situations of having to use the threat of a Taser in the first place.


Catalina Drive, Poole