"It's all about luck, and I'm by far the luckiest man I know."

Colin Anderson is far too modest about his clay creations. Having painted and sketched all his life, he only recently took up pottery – after gifting himself a potter's wheel and kiln on his 90th birthday, last January.

With much of 2020 spent at home, he found plenty of time to practice and has now begun to exhibit and sell his work, under the name, The Poundbury Potter. Colin's work proved popular at the Artisan's Bazaar, held at Dorchester's Sculpture by the Lakes, at the end of last year.

“There are few things more absorbing than creating something with your own two hands and it has been a joy to have spent much of this turbulent year working away at the potter’s wheel," he says.

“With clay, you start with a cold lump of damp earth, feel it become alive under your hand, coax it into a shape, and if you are really lucky you may end up with a thing of joy and beauty that will last longer than you do."

Every piece is hand thrown, fired, and glazed in Colin’s studio in a converted garage at his Poundbury home. His creations include items such as The Three Bears, a set of variously sized cups in white and blue, and tiny posy vases, with prices starting at £6.50.

“I’m not very much interested in abstract or contemporary pottery – I like to create things which are beautiful and practical; kitchenware like mugs, jugs, vases – things that people can make use of," says Colin, who only started selling pieces after running out of room to store them.

Bournemouth Echo:

With a career in the wine trade, as a buying director for a large merchant and then a wine consultant for British Airways, Colin travelled the globe, often chronicling his journeys in a sketchbook.

He has "retired" twice before, but taking part in pottery courses at The Dorset Centre for Creative Arts back in September last year inspired him to embark on this new adventure as he entered his ninth decade.

"I think I have finally found the perfect job," he says, "and I will never want to retire again!"